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cases to happen. that has been changed. when i was head of the teacher'' union in new york city, i tried to get that policy changed and made lots of proposals, but the government did not want to do it. at the end of the day, it has to be about somebody of good character, somebody who wants to teach, somebody who knows how to teach. those of the ones who should be teaching. that is what we have in schools across the country. if there is an issue people should get due process, but due process should not be a job for life. we have to make sure people are treated fairly, but also that kids get the best teachers possible. host: lester to new jersey and hear from david on a democrat line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am a teacher, and i would like to address a lot of the things that came up with the caller. this last caller, about in the classroom, as i am sure ms. weingarten, i taught in new york city, and one of the things i learned a long time ago is when there was disrespect in the classroom a lot of it came from the home. if it was not respect in the home or respect for authori
at games with poverty and games of money. one of my favorite examples was a group out of new york city called the area code. if you are looking at lots of examples of creative solutions to problems, is one to look at. they did a game around money where communities in the south that have high rates of mortgage defaults, and low rates of savings, and they made up a currency called macon money. macon, georgia, so they had macon money. ads in dollar bills but all of them have been cut in half. they gave out all this money, but they were all half a dollar bill. the currency could be used in local stores in services like cash, but you had to find the other person with half of your bill, and they created a social gaming environment where you could meet up. if we met in a coffee shop we could use its air, and it created a social layer and physical community to transform the community and also bring positive of motions, that you have solved this problem and have success, and it is really interesting. basically, my answer is yes. there are so many crazy things you can thing to do with a game des
kind. >> i could not agree more. at my alma mater at the city college of new york, we had a specific program at the powell center that i am happy to have named after me there and we take in gi's. we have mentoring program set for them. we have programs that get them up to speed if they have some weakness in their earlier academic career that needs correction, and we have money that is used to supplement not only their academic costs but the costs of living. more universities are doing that. it is important now because the economy is still in a weak state, slowly improving, but still weak. this affects our veterans. unlike after world war ii or after korea or vietnam, you can come back and find a job that does not require the highest skill or if in world war ii you worked in a car factory before the war, when the war was over, and they started making cars again, you could just go right back in. increasingly, our society is becoming more complex. our economy is becoming more complex. you need a higher level of school especially with respect to the information revolution. i used to be a
working with the republican governor of new jersey. the mayor of new york city who is an independent endorsed president obama. the democratic governors of new york and connecticut, to turn the electricity on and clean the debris. what i want to tell you is, cooperation works better when there is no disaster. if he did not have cooperation, you have the makings of a disaster. barack obama is a curve and coal operator. [cheers and applause] he even offered in an attempt to get a budget deal, at $1 trillion in spending cuts. they said, thank you very much. no deal. we will not see one penny raised on the wealthiest americans even if it will get rid of $4 trillion in debt. the door is still open. when you re-elect him, they will walk through that door. [cheers and applause] the second reason i am for president obama is he has done a good job with a bad hand. keep in mind, all through 2007 and 2008, then senator obama crossed america with senator clinton and senator joe biden and other good democrats talking about how bad the economy already was. median family income was lower than that w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)